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A Double-Dose of Thrills & Chills!

When Darkness Falls:The day grows dark as one man invites his new boyfriend to spend the night in his mountain cabin. Two other friends show up, and that s when things turn bad terrifying for the four buddies. Something is stalking the guys, and is taking each them, one by one. When darkness falls, will anyone survive the night?

The Best of Care: In this haunting back from the dead story, Bill takes care of his physically disabled, cruel and very mean boyfriend, Donny. One dark night things change when Bill decides that life would be better if Donny were dead. So he makes plans to change things, but dear Donny just can t accept that.

Now On DVD     $8.99


Ace Lundon’s New CD is Here!
Ace returns to music with 14 of his best-loved romance songs of the 40’s & 50’s. Lawrence Welk called him ‘the boy with the champagne voice’ when he was singing for him weekends. An accomplished crooner by now, Ace appeared regularly on The Don Adrian Show on KWKW Radio in Los Angeles made him a name and familiar voice to fans enjoying his weekly performances.
Order the CD!      $8.99


Jeff London Romance Collection
In the Mood for Romance?
4 Movies on 4 DVDs!  $14.99

Ron & Laura are Taking America Back!
With the help of local politicians – & the ‘Real Suburban Housewives of Bakersfield’– Ron and Laura take on the fight against Obamacare and Gay Marriage! But, when they decide to film their protests, the ‘culture wars’ land right in their own backyard! Their son is Gay! The Housekeeper’s not legal! 
Ron and Laura are determined to save their son – and their country! In the final showdown, and take the battle to their favorite reality TV star, America’s Top Celebrity Designer, Bob Zackie!

Now on DVD      $9.99

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