“Ron and Laura Take Back America!’

Ron and Laura Grawsill are TAKING AMERICA BACK! With the help of local politicians – & the ‘Real Suburban Housewives of Bakersfield’- Ron and Laura take on the fight against Obamacare and Gay Marriage! But, when they decide to film their protests, the ‘culture wars’ land right in their own backyard! Their son is Gay! The Housekeeper’s not legal! Muslim Americans! African Americans! Ron and Laura are determined to save their son – and their country! In the final showdown, Ron and Laura lose their healthcare coverage, and take the battle to their favorite reality TV star, America’s Top Celebrity Designer, Bob Zackie!

Mel England, Janice Markham, Irene Bedard, Jim J. Bullock
and Sally Kirkland as herself

‘The Year’s FUNNIEST Political Mocumentary!’ –Huffington Post
‘Best Candidate to Deliver Funny!’ –Poz Magazine
‘Hill-arious!’ –WBAI Radio

On DVD 12.22.16
Special Pre-order Price! $13.49


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Award-winning RON AND LAURA TAKE BACK AMERICA is a mockumentary satire that follows in the footsteps of such films as Christopher Guest’s BEST IN SHOW and WAITING FOR GUFFMAN. The film follows the exploits of a conservative suburban couple who decide to take their country back from Obamacare, Immigration Reform, Gay Marriage… and Hollywood Health Food Nuts! A modern day ALL IN THE FAMILY, the film is a funny, sometimes poignant, look at a family divided by the contemporary political issues of our time. RON AND LAURA draws it’s humor from some painful realities, and sometimes, from just plain silly wacky comedy!


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Written and directed by its co-stars, the comedy team of Mel England (LITTLE BIG TOP) and Janice Markham (GRANDMA SYLVIA’S FUNERAL), the film also stars Golden Globe® Best Actress Nominee Irene Bedard (INTO THE WEST), Jim J. Bullock (HOLLYWOOD SQUARES), features a celebrity cameo by Academy Award® Best Actress Nominee Sally Kirkland, and is also executive produced by Tony® winning producer Sue Vaccaro (CLYBOURNE PARK), and produced by Neal Rubinstein (Broadway’s ON THE TOWN).

The film is indeed on a festival winning streak, having garnered 16 awards and nominations from the Festival circuit, including “Best Comedy,” “Best of Festival,” “Best Director” (England & Markham) and “Best Actress” (Markham) at Indie Fest USA. Earlier in 2014, the film also won “Best Comedy” at the New York City International Film Festival, and earned nominations for “Best US Narrative Feature” and “Best Actor” (England). Most recently, at Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema, the film won “Best Ensemble Cast” and was nominated for “Best Feature” “Best Directors” “Best Screenplay”(England and Markham) “Best Actor” (England) “Best Actress” (Markham) and also nominations for the Mary Austin Women in Film Awards for “Best Director” and “Best Screenplay” (Markham), and “Excellence in Producing” (Markham, Vaccarro and Bedard).

Ace Lundon’s New CD! ‘Romance With Me’
Available December 22, 2016!

Ace Lundon returns to music with 14 Songs of romance and fun from the early decades of American music. From his roots on a South Dakota farm to being called a child prodigy, Ace s life was set when he learned as a youngster that he could sing, and pursued his dream. I liked doing it and thought I could be the next Enrico Caruso because I had heard him sing on the old cylinder machine that Grandma had. This led him to years of involvement in entertainment industry. ‘The little boy with the big voice.’ One of the highest boy sopranos in America, Lawrence Welk called him ‘the boy with the champagne voice’ when he was singing for him weekends. An accomplished crooner by now, Ace appeared regularly on The Don Adrian Show on KWKW Radio in Los Angeles made him a name and familiar voice to fans enjoying his weekly performances. 

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Cheri Chandler (Pianist and Accompanist): Cheri was born in Boise, Indiana in 1960. Her career started with private classical piano lessons for 9 years, with an additional year of jazz. She played in her first band, Fandango, for about 2 years at the age of 21. At 29 she joined an old country band, The West Family Show, and then played at various clubs and functions for a few years. It was then that she met Bob Nora in 1990, with whom she continued to play music with for 22 years, covering all genres. The Bob Nora Band, one of Idaho’s most popular bands, played all over Idaho, Utah and Nevada. They were a mainstay at venues including the annual Sun Valley Swing and Dixieland Jazz Festival, Jazz on the Green, at Elkhorn, the Ste. Chappelle Winery Blues and Jazz Festival and a myriad of other jazz, blues, big band and swing festivals and concerts all over Southern Idaho. They owned 2 different bars, Sax on Second and Sax Fifth Avenue in Twin Falls in the ’90’s. Other gigs included Cactus Pete’s Casino and the Horseshu Casino in Jackpot, Nevada. After relocating to Bullhead City, Arizona, they have played in various clubs and bars all over the area. This CD marks Cheri s digital debut, and she wishes you many hours of listening enjoyment from the songs she and Ace worked on.