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Ace Lundon's New CD 'Romance With Me'

Ace Lundon returns to music with 14 Songs of romance and fun from the early decades of American music. From his roots on a South Dakota farm to being called a child prodigy, Ace s life was set when he learned as a youngster that he could sing, and pursued his dream. I liked doing it and thought I could be the next Enrico Caruso because I had heard him sing on the old cylinder machine that Grandma had.

This led him to years of involvement in entertainment industry. 'The little boy with the big voice.' One of the highest boy sopranos in America, Lawrence Welk called him 'the boy with the champagne voice' when he was singing for him weekends. An accomplished crooner by now, Ace appeared regularly on The Don Adrian Show on KWKW Radio in Los Angeles made him a name and familiar voice to fans enjoying his weekly performances.

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Ace Co-Stars in 'Best Day Ever'
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Ace's Book
The Closets Are Empty...the Dining Room's Full
coming to Summer 2021
New Cover Art - New Printing - Plus the Audio CD!

The Closets Are Empty...the Dining Room's Full is like no other autobiography you have ever read. Never expected to become published, it's a man's legacy to the kids who loved him. In 1964 he married a woman. In 1976 he "married" a man. It's no wonder that as he approaches his fiftieth birthday, he felt the kids deserved a more complete knowledge of this complexity they called Dad. He therefore explains not so much his deeds as why he did them. The kids already knew what he was doing and had heard over the years what he had done.

They knew he was psychic but never knew how it all began for him, or the incidents which changed his thoughts and philosophy. They had seen how much he valued friends and relatives, but he'd never shared how they shaped his life and granted a foundation.

They knew of his labors in the entertainment industry, but he'd rarely shared the little everyday tidbits of truth from his encounters with such legends as Mahalia Jackson, Irving Berlin, Jayne Mansfield. Mae West, John Ford, and Lawrence Welk. Nor has he shared the influence on his memory bank of Rhonda Fleming, David Soul, Dale Evans, John Badham, and Shelley Winters.

From these pages you'll learn of someone who was "different," who dared to finally accept the challenge and stop hiding. You'll learn that it is all right to be different. You will read of a dreamer who dared to try the impossible because he felt it might be something good for people, and although he was unable to make it a reality, it never broke his spirit.

In these pages, he set an example for the kids to, above all, live a life of love; to open the closet doors of their lives and dare to live in the truths they might believe. For him, it was important they learn to know who they are and will be tomorrow, who they have been becoming as a result of choices and a bit of chance.

You will learn how difficult it may be to empty a closet. The price of freedom usually is costly, but for Ace Lundon, the price has been worth it. The dining room of his life is now filled with those who have learned to love! 

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