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Jeff London Romance Collection
4 Movie DVD Set
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It's Romance, Baby! 4  Movies on 4 DVD's

Regarding Billy: Billy moves home to care for his mentally challenged younger brother. Together, the two struggle through the loss of their parents. Billy discovers that his best friend from childhood, Dean, has moved back to town after having served in the Iraq war. Over time, Billy's past feelings for Dean resurface - feelings that he fears may end their friendship if Dean were to find out. Both men discover hidden secrets that will change their lives forever. This holiday homecoming story is just what you've been waiting for. DVD EXTRAS: Audio commentary with director and cast, Bloopers (outtakes), Bonus Story/Scene: 'T'was the Night' with the entire cast.

Arizona Sky: Jake is an over-stressed Hollywood movie producer, with no social life and ongoing anxiety attacks. He remembers a quieter time as a boy - spending time with his best friend Kyle. Things are different now, though. Jake has decided to return to his hometown. After twenty years, he will finally confront the secrets he and Kyle had... and the night things changed between them as teenage boys. DVD EXTRAS: Audio commentary with director and cast members Eric Dean and Kyle Buckland.

The Last Year: It's a new school year at Bible College, but Paul has a problem: over the summer, he's realized that he is gay. Now he feels torn between his true nature and his religion. To complicate matters, he's attracted to a new student at school - Alex. As he and Alex grow closer, rumors begin to spread across the campus. The two friends become the target of hate and face possible expulsion from school. DVD EXTRAS: Audio commentary with director and cast members Mike Dolan, Ron Pretronicolos. Cast Interviews.

And Then Came Summer: A reunion of family and friends becomes an unforgettable vacation when two teenage boys discover their feelings for each other - only to have the secret discovered by a family member who threatens to expose them. The relationship leads to denial and self-esteem issues for each boy. As the story unfolds, others in the family learn of a deep, dark secret that had been hidden for years. The truth is about to be uncovered. DVD EXTRAS: Audio commentary with director Jeff London, Bloopers (outtakes).