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The Last Year




The Last Year is distinguished by an attractive cast and its desire to expose homophobia and the difficulties of coming out in a harsh environment. Paul returns to Eastmont College for his senior year and has to decide about going to seminary. He is conflicted because of his same-sex desires, acted upon over the summer. Paul is threatened with expulsion from Dean Saunders and the jocks. This college has a lot of secrets.

Director Jeff London has made an intelligent, insightful film that opens up debate about spirituality and sexuality, and offers a lesson about love and tolerance that is also easy on the eyes. Viewers will be rooting for justice and true love to prevail.

Based on a true story.


  • Ron Petronicolos
  • Michael Dolan
  • Seth Adams
  • Merrick McMahon
  • Elizabeth Flesh
  • Rand Smith
  • Patrick Hoesterey