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A Wonderful Life  (In Pre-Production)

It will take a childhood friend showing up after 30 years to show Bailey what a wonderful life he truly has.

It's October. Bailey cares for his mom, who suffers from chronic pain. He's on the mend from the loss of his dog, when his employer informs him that he's being permanently laid-off after Christmas. Adding to Bailey’s anxieties, his childhood best friend, Greyson, comes to visit after not seeing him for thirty years. Time spent with him gives Bailey new hope, a new love, and shows him what a wonderful life he truly has.

Pizza Boy Massacre is Coming!

With an all-new script, Pizza Boy Massacre will go into casting and pre-production in late 2023. Expected to begin production in early Spring of 2024.

This isn't just another horror movie.

Writer-Director Jeff London grew up in a time where 70's and 80's movies were truly frightening, written and designed to keep you on the edge of your seat. Genuine fear. An average Halloween evening. A man handing out candy to trick-or-treaters. A young boy... that isn't who he appears to be. One bite and the neighbors on Klassen Drive won't be the same. Join the facebook page!