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A Wonderful Life  (In Pre-Production)

It will take a childhood friend showing up after 30 years to show Bailey what a wonderful life he truly has.

It's October. Bailey cares for his mom, who suffers from chronic pain. He's on the mend from the loss of his dog, when his employer informs him that he's being permanently laid-off after Christmas. Adding to Bailey’s anxieties, his childhood best friend, Greyson, comes to visit after not seeing him for thirty years. Time spent with him gives Bailey new hope, a new love, and shows him what a wonderful life he truly has.
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Our Wonderful Cast

  • Bailey Parker: David E. McMahon
  • Greyson Smith: Ben Stobber
  • Mae Parker: Elaine Ballace
  • Carla-Jean Smith: Barbara Reininger
  • Cousin Jimmy: Scott Emory Parker
  • Dan Jenkins: Bj Mezek
  • The Pizza Guy: Ricky Van Eman
  • Delivery Man 1: Justin Terry-Smith
  • Delivery Man 2: Rocky Sudlesky
  • Newscaster: Rudy Ledbetter
  • Newscaster: Mark Harris

Our Producers & Crew

  • Exec. Producer: David-Matthew Barnes
  • Exec. Producer: John Brumfield
  • Exec. Producer: Bj Mezek
  • Exec Producer: Paul Burchett
  • Co-Producer: Crystal Starnes
  • Producer: Jeff London
  • Associate Producer: Barbara Reininger
  • Associate Producer: Lisa J Hinds
  • Associate Producer: Ronnie Llyod Nanos
  • Associate Producer: Juro Gagne
  • Associate Producer: Rocky Sedlesky
  • Associate Producer: Curtis Gropp
  • Associate Producer: Ben Stobber
  • Associate Producer: David E. McMahon
  • Writer/Director: Jeff London
  • Cinematographer: John Wright
  • Sound Mixer: Rebecca Paez
  • Script Supervisor: Ronnie Lloyd Nanos
  • Editor: James Steven Handshoe
  • Music Composer: Mark Krench

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I'm Jeff London, and my new heartfelt Gay-Romance movie will premiere Autumn of 2023, with your help!

Your generous contribution will allow us to create a feel-good movie in a world of movies that don't often help people feel good about their lives and the situations they live in. Helping someone find hope is why I started writing feel-good movies 24 years ago.

'A Wonderful Life' needs an additional $6300 to help pay for the movies production. My team and I hold production values very high and want the best possible movie we can make on a small budget.

For your contribution, here are some of the great perks we're offering.

  • Your Name in the Thank You Credits
  • Digital Download of the Movie, Script & Poster
  • Signed Script, Poster, DVD and Blu-ray
  • Tickets to the Premiere
  • Live YouTube Premiere Event
Ben 5 x 7

Thank You to Our Wonderful Contributors!

  • Karen Burke Kromer
  • Crystal Starnes
  • Mark Hunter
  • Stacy Kohout
  • brookepar
  • Brad Allison
  • Mark Vanis
  • Michael Mahal
  • Lester Reynolds
  • Mark Harris
  • Brendan Soliwoda
  • westcoastkirk
  • Paul Burchett
  • Bj Mezek
  • David-Matthew Barnes
  • John Brumfield
  • Jo Anna Heckman
  • Rocky Sudlesky
  • Juro Gagne
  • Justin B Terry-Smith
  • Philip Bass
  • Todd Chamberlain
  • Rudy Ledbetter
  • Darren Adams
  • Sisto Sandoval
  • Lou Butare
  • Roger Whittaker
  • Charla Skifalides
  • Margie Aroesty
  • Wayne Russell
  • Lisa J Hinds
  • Barbara Reininger
  • David E McMahon
  • Steven Handshoe
  • Jesse Petrick
  • Mike Lilly
  • Kerry Droll
  • Sue Ivy
  • Judy Miller
  • Zach Patel-Champion
  • Ronnie Nanos
  • Nathaniel Kitchens III
  • William F Katzer
  • Ben Stobber
  • Michael Forsch
  • Daniel Benton
  • Russell Liney
  • Craig Liney
  • Joe Hyland
  • Margaret Nyberg
  • Jo Ann Rangel
  • Marty Longo