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Arizona Sky
Two boys who share a friendship, until one boy moves away. The story continues twenty years later. Jake is overstressed in business with ongoing anxiety attacks. He remembers a quieter time as a boy spending time with his best friend, Kyle. Kyle is a simple and uneducated man still living at a slower, small-town pace. Jake decides that he cannot realize true happiness until he travels back to his hometown, to find what he is missing...or left behind twenty years earlier. Life is about to change, as Jake confronts the past. Both men discover that meeting again as friends has given them a new chance to find out who they are, and what life is all about under the Arizona Sky.

Runtime 92 minutes.  Eric Dean   James McCabe   Patricia Place   Blaise Embry
DVD Extras: Audio Commentary with director and cast.

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Best Day Ever
David's turning 50 and having a Mid-life Crisis! Along with relationship issues and career problems, he must come to terms with aging, and that his life hasn't gone how he expected it to. He struggles to answer questions about his life, if he's made the right choices, where did he go wrong. What will he do with the rest of his life? Fate takes a turn when he unexpectedly meets a 15-year younger man who shows him that age does not matter, and that maybe his future happiness is right in front of him. Best Day Ever is based on writer/director Jeff London and writer/producer James Steven Handshoe's true life events. How Jeff still being single at age 49, and the anxiety of turning 50, brought him to a place of realization about his choices along the way. If he had made one minor change along his life's road, he would have never met the love of his life.

Runtime 90 minutes.  Mel England  Tom Saporito  Peter Stickles
DVD Extras: Audio Commentary with Director and Cast. Bloopers. English Subtitles.

All elements combined, Best Day Ever tells a lovely story with a raw vulnerability imbuing the film with compassion and empathy, as well as a clever sort of charm that comes with characters becoming identifiable, real people accepting the struggle of life on life's terms. --Sean Chandler


A Warm Wind
Buck, a United States Marine has returned from the Iraq war. With his physical disabilities, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and no real family to care for him, he can't seem to fit into society. Buck's cousin David makes a giant leap and invites him to his home. Things get heated with family and friends who argue Buck is the government’s problem. David must do what is right.
Official Selection: Cheyenne International Film Festival.
Runtime 92 minutes.  Tyler Haines   Zac Titus   Landon Ashworth   Brent King
DVD Extras: Audio Commentary with Director Jeff London and star Zac Titus. English Subtitles.

'I love this movie! I was impressed with the way Jeff presented the subject of life after war for an injured soldier. We take our soldiers for granted and don't realize how their lives change when they come back. I didn't expect it to have such an impact on me, but I felt myself drawn into it emotionally. This is a movie that every American should see.' --Judy Lacey, Veteran Coordinator

'Every American needs to see this movie! We needed a voice and you gave us one! Please share this movie with family, friends and returning warriors and help make a difference in someone s life. Coming home really is the hardest part. Thank you so much! You not only get it, but you got it right! I am forever grateful.' -Shannon Book, Veteran 10 Years Military Service, 2 Tours Iraq.

'I cannot say enough about this movie! I am so thankful that a film finally shows what it's truly like coming home.' -SGT Scott Douglass, Army, 8 Years Military Service, 1 Tour Iraq.

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Regarding Billy
Billy moves home to care for his mentally challenged younger brother, Johnny. Together, the two struggle through the loss of their parents. Billy discovers that his best friend from childhood, Dean, has moved back to town after having served in the Iraq war. Over time, Billy's past feelings for Dean resurface. Feelings that he fears may end their friendship if Dean were to find out. Both men discover hidden secrets that will change their lives forever. Placed among a quaint east-coast village town, this holiday homecoming story is just what you've been waiting for.

Runtime: 85 minutes.  Ronnie Kerr   Jason Van Eman   Jack Sway
DVD Extras: Audio Commentary with Director and Cast.
Bonus Story: 'T'was the Night' with the cast. Cast Bloopers. English Subtitles.

'A Winning Feel-Good Christmas Story.' Regarded by fans as one of the best films director Jeff London has written to date. A movie set around Christmas that is sure to leave audiences feeling good. --Duane Simolke


When Darkness Falls / The Best of Care
A Double-Dose of B-Movie Chills and Thrills! When Darkness Falls (60 min) The day grows dark as one man invites his new boyfriend to spend the night in his mountain cabin. Two other friends show up, and that s when things turn bad terrifying for the four buddies. Something is stalking the guys, and is taking each them, one by one. When darkness falls, will anyone survive the night? The Best of Care (30 min) In this haunting back from the dead story, Bill takes care of his physically disabled, cruel and very mean boyfriend, Donny. One dark night things change when Bill decides that life would be better if Donny were dead. So he makes plans to change things, but dear Donny just can't accept that.

Runtime 90 minutes.  Michael Dolan   Matt Austin   Ron Petronicolos   Seth Adams
DVD Bonus Extras: Audio Commentary with Director & Cast. Bloopers. English Subtitles.

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And Then Came Summer
Summer will never be the same. A reunion of family and friends becomes an unforgettable vacation when two teenage boys discover their secret feelings toward each other. What they don t know is that someone may know about their secret. With the threat of being exposed, what will they do to find peace within themselves and the strength to face family? As the story unfolds, we learn of a dark secret... a secret that will change the families forever. Award-winning filmmaker Jeff London brings the compelling story of love, loyalty and betrayal to a surprise ending.

Runtime 80 minutes.  Jesse Petrick   Mathiew Smith   Phyllis Rodenberger   JF Davis
DVD Extras: Audio Commentary with Writer/Director Jeff London. Bloopers. English Subtitles.

And Then Came Summer sensitively broaches the subject of homosexuality among teens. Brian, a single father, takes his two sons on vacation to a small seaside town where he grew up. There, his oldest son, David, meets Seth, the younger brother of an old friend of Brian's. The two boys become close friends and, as the summer unfolds, their attraction to each other blossoms. When David's little brother sees them kissing, other secrets are also revealed that threaten to split up both families, but end up bringing them closer together. And Then Came Summer suffers from unpolished acting and an overly earnest script, but its unjudgmental view of homosexuality could be a valuable means for parents to bring up the subject with their children (or vice versa). --Bret Fetzer


The Last Year
Based on true events of writer Russ Williams. The Last Year is distinguished by an attractive cast and its desire to expose homophobia and the difficulties of coming out in a harsh environment. Paul returns to Eastmont College for his senior year and has to decide about going to seminary. He is conflicted because of his same-sex desires, acted upon over the summer. Paul is threatened with expulsion from Dean Saunders and the jocks. This college has a lot of secrets. Director Jeff London has made an intelligent, insightful film that opens up debate about spirituality and sexuality, and offers a lesson about love and tolerance that is also easy on the eyes. Viewers will be rooting for justice and true love to prevail.

Runtime 90 minutes.  Ron Petronicolos   Michael Dolan   Seth Adams
DVD Extras: Audio Commentary with Director and Cast. Bloopers. Interviews. English Subtitles.